Beech Street Health Centre, 2585 Beech St, Halifax, NS, B3L 2X9 t: 902 406 7200 f: 902 406 7201 Preventative and Rehabilitative Health

Beech Street Health Centre, located at 2585 Beech Street, Halifax

Offering: Osteopathy ~ Physiotherapy ~ Acupuncture

Beech Street Health Centre is a multi-disciplinary health clinic offering osteopathy and acupuncture. Clinic owners, Tracy Estey-Willick, Rob Estey-Willick and Heather Stone are registered osteopaths and registered massage therapists. Our treatment philosophy and approach is one of health promotion and preventive health, working with people to promote optimal long-term health and vitality. We also take a rehabilitative focus for people recovering from injury and illness to restore optimal health.