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How much water should I drink during Summer?

drinking water
The amount of water that is right for your body depends on several factors. The U.S. National Research Council recommends eight to ten eight-ounce glasses a day. Another way to calculate the right amount is to divide your body weight in half (using pounds), then drink that many ounces. And listen to your body. Even if you are working out in the water, you are still sweating.

Signs of dehydration

Rules of thumb:
Arm pit test: The arm pit should always be wet, if dry indicated significant dehydration.
Urine output measure: One must pass urine once in eight hours. If not consult your doctor.
Know your kidney function: 14 - minus age in years multiplied by weight in kg and divided by 74 into serum creatinine levels. If the number is less than 100, talk to your doctor for the salt and water intake amount. In females, 85% of this number should be taken into account.
All patients with heart and liver disorders should talk to their doctor about the fluid and salt intake measures. (Source)

Pay attention to the signs of dehydration and increase your water intake as needed to avoid serious issues. These signs include:

Yellow urine – urine will be darker in color when dehydrated.
Headache/muscle cramps.
Less urination.
Constipation. (Source)

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