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Good backpack habits

Going back to school is a good time to review how to wear your backpack to help prevent back and shoulder pain. It is never too early for kids to learn good backpack habits.

These are tips to get the right backpack positioning each time you put one on:

- Always wear both straps rather than slinging it over one shoulder

-Try to utilize the chest & waist strap

- It is recommended that a loaded backpack is no more than 10% of your body weight

- Shoulder straps should be wide and padded

- Adjust the straps so the backpack rests 2 inches below the shoulder and ideally should end 2 inches above the hips

- When loading your backpack, place the heaviest items (i.e. books) closest to your back and lighter items in the front

          ~Kathleen Zinck, BSc PT

Heather Stone