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The Jade Stone Treatment

By Acupuncturist, Maria Freer


Known to the Chinese as the Stone of Heaven, jade has always been a prized gemstone in many parts of the world. It has been used by the Africans, Egyptians and the Mayans as a massage and meditation tool for over 7000 years.

What is Jade Stone?

Jade is considered the health, wealth and longevity stone. It has the composition of iron, magnesium and calcium. There are two types of jade - Nephrite and Jadeite. Jadeite is the gemstone used for jewelry, whilst Nephrite (from the Greek word for kidney – nephros) is used for massage. 

Jade is sometimes called β€œthe dream stone” for its believed ability to help access the non-physical spirit realms. It is a protective stone, acting as a ward against negative energies.

What are the benefits of Stone Therapy?

Hot stone massage is not only a relaxing massage method, but it also has many healing properties. Jade is a protective stone used to heal stressed organs and discharge toxins. It slows the aging process and strengthens the body’s natural immune system. These stones are cut to various shapes and sizes and then polished providing a smooth and silky feeling on the skin. The use of massage stones is a great way to increase circulation in and around the area being massaged. Increased blood flow will help clear out toxins and assist in healing an injured or strained area. 

Cold stones promote circulation and act as a powerful decongestant for the body.  By promoting circulation, a cold stone treatment can ease inflamed tissues, decrease muscle spasms, and can reduce swelling. Switching between cold and hot applications causes blood vessels to alternately dilate and constrict; leading to increased movement of fluids within the body, increased removal of toxins, and increased healing. 

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