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What is Fire Cupping?


Cupping is one of the oldest healing modalities. Fire cupping is is a type of acupressure therapy using specially designed glass cups that are heated as shown! When applied to the body, a vacuum is created and skin is gently pulled into the cup.

benefits of FIRE CUPPING

Detoxifies, relieves acute or chronic pain, expels external pathogens, releases fascia, helps lymphatic drainage, and improves circulation. It is recommended for conditions such as muscle tension and stiffness, common cold, bronchitis, and arthritis.


Cupping is NOT recommended on sensitive skin, ulcer or broken skin, for pregnant women, or on people with excess hair.

Do you get those circular bruises after a treatment?
Yes! Bruises can last 3 to 10 days so plan accordingly. The bruises are caused by the cup's vacuum suction and breaking of small capillaries in the tissue - this is the process that jump-starts the healing mechanism in that area.

If you would like to inquire more or schedule fire cupping with Maria, contact us or book your appointment online!

Tyler Graves